Be Mindful of Your Peace...

Anthony Bourdain mural by Bradley Theodore located on Delancey St between Ludlow and Essex.

Anthony Bourdain mural by Bradley Theodore located on Delancey St between Ludlow and Essex.

"Rest in peace," we're taught to encourage the dead to do. But why wait until you pass away to seek peace? The noise, the distractions, the everyday bullshit that tries to keep you caught up in fear and things that don't serve your highest good only have as much power as you give them. Once I decided that bs wasn't real, life became easier to enjoy. Once I prioritized preserving my peace and acted accordingly, life felt that much sweeter. I disengage with anything and anyone that disturbs my peace of mind. My peace is too precious not to protect. My peace is the foundation of my strength and power. My peace fuels my passion for living well, life is too short to not seek peace while you're here. I hope you find some peace and some joy today!

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of god.
— A Course In Miracles

Be Mindful of Your Demons


Be mindful of your demons, they'll haunt you until you face them. Acknowledge them. Feel them Allow them. And then grow from them. My number one demon has always been myself. My self-doubt. My insecurities. My fear of failure. My fear of success. My fear of others not approving. My fear of being uncomfortable. My fear of not measuring up. 

My demons have broken me down, more times than one, and each time I used them to level up into a better me. Me demons lift me, in spite of the struggles they yield. Our demons and our struggles usually hold the key to our life's purpose, and fulfilling our life's purpose is what will bring us the greatest reward. Learn your demons and then use them to motivate yourself to be better than yesterday. 

All limits are self imposed.
— Icarus

Who am I to hold me back? I was born to thrive and what better way to thrive than mastering my faults and flipping them to work for me. 

Be Mindful of What Matters


A couple of Saturdays ago I turned 32. I kept my birthday on the low, didn't really plan anything as big as I usually do. Mainly because there was a dark cloud hovering over me. In addition to being stressed because life be lifin', my anxiety attempted to cripple me as the day approached. The prior two years someone I knew passed away within days of my birthday.

I thought I was in the clear, but then I got a text. It was the same week as Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain as well as the same cause. It was difficult to celebrate this year, as I was again grappling with grief. But as much as I could I pushed through my pain and reminded myself that life is meant to be lived while we're here. I'm grateful for the friends who reached out and surrounded my with great energy and love. It was one of those things I knew I needed and knew would help me find some joy despite my initial resistance.

I reflected back to when days were always dark for me and times were always hard, it was when I felt like I didn't matter to anyone and that somehow the lives of everyone around me would be better without me. I'm grateful to have been emancipated from my own destructive thoughts. I've been extra conscious of expressing to those around me that they matter and doing my best to be as kind as possible to all who cross my path. We may not always know what others are struggling with, but we know how to treat people with care. 

Life gon life regardless, so focus on what matters. You being here is enough evidence that you matter. Mental health and wellness matters. Finding joy in everyday matters. And for me, sharing my experiences and reflections matters. I'm seeking my writing rhythm again, because being all that I was created to be matters.