Be Mindful of Your Check-Ins


3 months into 2019 and so far its been an amazing year.Not because life ain’t been lifin because it definitely has, not because people haven’t disappointed me, not because I didn’t revert back to behaviors that my highest self wouldn’t condone a few times. But because through it all I’ve managed to remain hopeful. When I reflect on times in life when I felt my world was ending, it was because hope had somehow escaped me.

I wan’t effectively checking in with myself. I wasn’t asking myself questions that prompted critical thought and empowered me to make the right moves.

To thrive, to level up, to be successful, to get the most of life, you have to have a vision beyond what you see. Do more of the things that give that vision more life until it’s realized.

This time last year, I wasn’t clear on my vision. I was clear on the discomfort around me, and since I focused on that, I stayed there until life reminded me that I’m That Bitch! Life is filled with endless possibilities but its all cause and effect. Everything in this moment is the effect of the somethings you did yesterdays ago. What do you want to see and feel in the tomorrows later on down the line?

I’m grateful for tools like my Layered Living Planner reminding me to check-in with myself. Being reminded to be honest with myself about what I’m doing, where I’m at, and where I’ma be based on that keeps me on track.

April is for aligning. 2019 is a breakthrough year.

Happy Monday. Remember to check in with yourself frequently enough to keep you focused. If you check-in with yourself and you’re good, check in with someone else and lift them up.