Be Mindful of Your Healing...

A plague swept through my job and had me feeling like death for a week. It was probably the flu but me and my stubbornness usually just allow things to run their course. So for almost 10 days I felt way less than 100%, I barely felt 60% most days. All my body wanted to do was sleep, I had no appetite and no energy. I pushed through a few of the days and still went to work but also still felt like shit. And it got me wondering what if by pushing through I actually prolonged my sickness. By not properly caring for myself and acknowledging that my body wasn't at its best, was I depriving myself of a proper healing? It’s definitely possible.

As I sat with my thoughts more and more, I realized I have a tendency to do the same things with my emotions and feelings, I just push through and suppress them or ignore TF out of them. It’s not healthy tho.

You can’t thrive until you heal.

Without really taking the time to sort through your “stuff” and deal with or process experiences, you can’t reach that sublime level of life where you thrive.

I don’t know about you, but I want to thrive this year and beyond. No more pushing through without processing. I’m taking my time to sit with myself and sort through my stuff so I can identify the cause and prevent undesired effects. I’m taking the time to visualize my thrive and to really feel it through. Simply pushing through life is like walking through blindingly thick fog. I want to be present, I want to be intentional, so I’m aligning with thriving from here on out. Happy Monday, I hope you’re thriving out there.


All images taken by Erica Westley.