Be Mindful of Distractions...


They come at the best-worst times. Yes, best-worst meaning when you’re already looking away from the light and somehow caught a glimpse of darkness. When you’re already on the edge about to slip, some person or some thing comes along and tries to nudge you off the cliff.

We all get distracted, the question is , would you bounce back or bounce backward?
— Kendrick Lamar

Stop being friendly to fuck boys. Stop allowing the bullshit drama that won’t matter tomorrow stress you out. Stop allowing that friend to drain your energy with the shit they won’t get together. Stop using toxic ass beauty products. Stop medicating as a temporary escape and deal with your life. Stop romanticizing mediocrity and take responsibility for living well.

Feed your dreams so that they come to life. Maryam Hasnaa mentioned creating a “To Feel” list instead of a “To Do” list. I want to feel focused, peaceful, challenged yet empowered, and safe to be all of me. I’m doing things that bring those feelings about, anything else is a distraction. We off distractions!

I am the source of all I seek.

Let’s keep the main thing the main thing and stay focused on our focus today and beyond. Be great and be on your shit!