Hi, I'm Desi!

"Live your truth. Savor the tastes. Travel the world. That's how I live my life by DESI."

Desi is a writer, hospitality professional, and lifestyle consultant currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is centered around personal development, women's empowerment, and living TF out of life. By sharing stories of the life lessons she's learned and highlighting the silver lining, Desi helps empower and remind others that they can live a full life; a limitless life of joy and peace.

Desi created the acronym, Don't Ever Say Impossible, which became a mantra she lives by, as an act of healing her relationship with self. Prioritizing and honoring herself first has allowed her to do more of what nurtures her soul and pursue her passions. Connect with her on twitter and IG @LifebyDesi.