Hey Y’all! I’m Desirée, a creative writer and hospitality professional based in Brooklyn, NY. While I’m a girl of the Southside aka a Chicago native, I’ve also lived in St. Louis, MO. My life’s work is to empower people to do what they know they should do to thrive at life. 

I spent the majority of my adolescence depressed and suicidal, feeling like life wasn’t worth living if it meant I had to suffer. I suffered emotional and mental abuse for years. I had become addicted to drama, tension, and chaos because it was all I knew and I somehow found comfort in it. That addiction spilled over into my relationships and it took a domestic violence situation to wake me up.

At 23, I vowed to break my addiction to toxicity and my journey to thriving began. Years later, I don’t have all the answers but I have what works for me. And I’m ready to share what brought me peace of mind and helped me break down the barriers that my traumas built and kept me from living my best life.

I remember reading, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” and there’s an exercise where you create a commercial selling yourself to yourself.  My mother would only call me by my full name when she was angry. When she was having a good day, I was Rayray, as my family calls me. While I was creating my commercial, I decided my name would be Desi, and then the acronym hit me. DESI, Don’t Ever Say Impossible. It became my life’s mantra, as a testament to my resilience. I remember being a little girl thinking that the world would be better off without me, the thought of me being where I am today had never crossed my mind. And that is a Life by Desi; it’s living a life fulfilled, flipping the odds so they’re in your favor, and overcoming challenges to thrive at life. 

I’ve created a lifestyle that I love, I love the work that I do, I love to travel, I love the people I’m surrounded by, and I love who I’ve grown to be. In showing and sharing my life, I hope to inspire others to live with the intention to thrive. Here you’ll find my life lessons, travel and food adventures, and any other random or relevant information I’m compelled to share. Life is meant to be lived!